Brief & Ongoing Therapy


First Contact


You can contact me via email, phone or by filling the contact form.

If you wish we can have a short conversation over the phone to discuss briefly your situation & expectations, and address any question you might have.

If we come to an agreement, we will book our first session together, - so called Initial Assessment or Initial Interview.



Initial Assessment & First Review


Our Initial Assessment will be the opportunity for both of us to assess if we can work together.

Ideally, I will send you beforehand my contract that you can address any concern you might have.

During the assessment, I will actively listen to what brings you to therapy, asking you notably what your therapeutic goals, expectations & fears are.

We will also discuss briefly your personal history & situation, your family structure, significant events & relationships in your life, your mental & emotional state, and any other information relevant to your presenting issues/matters. 

Afterward, I will ask you if you are willing to tacitly "contract" with me for 5 more sessions. Note that the actual paper contract can be adapted to your situation, desires & needs. This is not a restricting contract but a mutual agreement of the ethical frame within which we will be working.

The 6th session will be the opportunity for us to review our initial work together and whether or not we wish to continue, and if we do if we want to contract for a certain number of sessions or for an ongoing therapy.



Ongoing Sessions & Further Reviews


If we contract for a specific number of sessions, I will pre-determine on which session reviews will occur, and explain to you what to expect in terms of the process along those sessions.

If we contract for an ongoing therapy, then reviews will occur anytime either you or I feel one might be needed.

It is important to say that the therapeutic process is collaborative, and therefore you are entitled to express when you wish to review our work or what I have been provided to you, the focus of our sessions, when you feel you would like to change one aspect of our contract or address a new concern, or simply when you are thinking of leaving therapy.





If we contract for a specific number of sessions, I will specify if one or several sessions will be dedicated to the completion of our work together. We might decide to renew for more sessions or open-ended sessions.

If we contract for an ongoing therapy, both you and I can at any point address the desire or wondering whether or not we are coming to an end. In any case, we will meet at least one more time to process a completion of our work together. Depending on the length of time therapy has lasted, we might have several sessions dedicated to this completion.

The purpose of this completion is to review one last time our work together, but also where you were when you started to where you are finishing, and what you might have learned that you can use in the future to your benefit to keep unfolding your self-development and nurturing your well-being, mental and emotional health.