Re-educating the world against discrimination - Women's day

I believe in the necessity to build up a world not sexist, heterosexist, heterocentrist, and White dominated. And I believe the notions of what a woman and a man are, what they should and could be are pre-determined/industrialised by men, not by nature; - including the sexual orientation they are told they should have and how their genitals are used against people to define their gender inadequately. This is all man made, this is all madness. 

Women are not the weak sex. Women don't need a Prince to rescue them. Women aren't less and in a world that often oppresses them to be less on a daily basis, - in 1000 shades of sexism going from the little implied devaluation to the dominating violent psychological/emotional/physical harassment/abuse -, they actually often have to be more just to find themselves in a position closer to equal gain/respect/consideration.

I am a firm believer that we need to change what we teach to boys and girls from the moment they are born. We need to change the stories they identify with, to educate them in a healthy way and not the toxic violent and dominating discriminatory way we have been doing for centuries. Women and men should be equals in everything, cisgender and transgender should be equal in everything, all orientations, ethnicities and cultures should be treated and treat others as equal.

It does feel like an utopy but I believe in the crucial need of everyone working toward this goal for the sake and the healthy well-being of humanity.

Buy this book for both girls and boys (click on the title to see the video). Girls to be inspired, boys to learn to respect and not dominate.