Various forms of relationships

Relationships come in many forms and models. One single model can not fit trillions of individuals forming even more trillions of relational entities.

I will most likely create at some point a page or pages dedicated to gender identity, sexual identity, relationships and sexuality.

For now, I wish to share some very insightful videos from experts in the field, which are a really good start for thoughts and education around relational models in partnerships. They also refer to very insightful bibliography written my other experts in the field.


Joanna Russell explored Non-Monogamy for her Diversity Video assignment as part of the requirements for the Postgraduate Diploma in Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy. The aim of the video was to help therapists learn more about the background and lifestyle involved in consensually non-monogamous relationships

This presentation covers the range of non-monogamous relationships which clients may engage in, and good practice for counsellors and therapists in this area. As with sexual and gender identities, it is becoming increasingly clear that there are a diverse range of relationships styles within and beyond the single/coupled and monogamous/non-monogamous binaries.